n this last decade, a multitude of proposals, such as hardware or software, have burst strongly into the market and, therefore, in our daily life. Such proposals assist us in organizing efficiently our professional projects.

Hardware: Computers are increasingly lighter and movable. Tablets, notebooks and Smartphones let us bring the office along.

Software: There are plenty of applications to organize projects and lists of tasks with calendars, meeting dates, interviews…

So, traditional agendas, which.... are thick and heavy with rings or thick spine with address book with holidays, saints, lunar datum… with maps or time zone...  are not so necessary anymore, as we can easily look up all these additional details in our mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Our success has been:

1.   The belief that hand writing is not going to disappear, as there will always be this moment in which one prefers, for several reasons, to take notes by hand, using a pen, a fountain pen or even a pencil; writing and wiping it off.

2.  The understanding that we had to “clean” the agendas and notebooks of contents and only leave what was strictly necessary to write: Blank space!

3. The understanding that there are moments in which people and professionals need to visualize, express and even “feel the time”, as well as plan the topic or project in which they are working.

4. The understanding that teamworks that share projects have also moments in which they prefer to share the project development in a visual way and “feel the time”. Moreover, they might also prefer to write or take notes in big panels on the wall for every one to see instead of doing it in a screen.